About Us

Who We Are

ConnectLink, operated by Unipac Technology Limited, is a global social networking site which has positioned itself as “An Encompassing Social Platform Oriented Towards the General Public and Their Varied Social Purposes”.

At ConnectLink, we have a strong technical team, and years of online social platform operating experience. We believe ConnectLink will bring users a rich and colorful social life.

Our mission

ConnectLink is committed to creating a safe and encompassing social environment which allows diversified social purposes, enabling individual users to socialize precisely according to their social needs.

What we do

As a user-based and social purposes fully served social platform and with the help of its pioneering technologies, ConnectLink allows users to locate like-minded social partners rapidly and precisely. Here at ConnectLink, global users with diversified social purposes gather to encounter fitness partners, exchange language learning experience, and share food and cooking skills, etc. Each individual user can discover and integrate into his ideal social circle of like-minded people, with all social preferences catered.

At the meantime, strict identity verification is applied for all displayed profiles, which effectively guarantees members’privacy and security, creating a reliable social network.

ConnectLink provides members a trustworthy platform where they can display and share their personal life in the format of text, image and video. With efficiency, stability and safety fully ensured, social scenes are restored in all-round perspective and social needs fulfilled in one stop.